Fast Database for Online Shopping Systems

Fast Database for Online Shopping Systems

RavenDB NoSQL fast database was chosen by Ez-Base to distribute hardware in Europe, by enabling online suppliers to choose from millions of products offered by manufacturers.

Atomic reference counting (with Zig code samples)

Referencing counting is probably the oldest memory management technique in existence. It is widely used, easily to understand and explain and in most cases does the Right Thing. There are edge cases and nasty scenarios, but for the most part, it works. At least, as long as you are running as a single threaded program. […]

Production postmortem: The Guinness record for page faults & high CPU

We got a pretty nasty bug at a customer site a few months ago. Every now and then, the server running RavenDB will go into a high CPU mode, use 100% CPU and stay there for extended period of time. After a while, it will just return back to normal. Looking at the details, there […]

The latency of making a coffee cup

I recently had to discuss the issue on the impact of latency a few times, and I found the coffee cup analogy to be an excellent tool to explain exactly what is going on. Consider the humble coffee cup, without which there would be no code. It is a pretty simple drink, composed of coffee, […]

Creating Pivot indexes in RavenDB

I got an interesting question by email and I thought that this is worth a post. The question was whatever RavenDB can handle Pivot tasks. Consider the case where I have orders data, and I want to see a summary product sales on a monthly basis, like so: This data was produced using the sample […]
Insurance Company Ensures its Data with RavenDB NoSQL Database

NoSQL Database for Insurance Companies

Why IF insurance company chose to ensures its Data with RavenDB NoSQL Database, protecting against damage to people’s homes, cars, and personal possessions.